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The ACA is home to over 100 member agencies ranging in size and scope – all of whom are committed to real change – a profession that accurately represents the diversity of the society in which we operate. Together, we create opportunities to discover and nurture the abundant talent throughout our nation.

Become a member

Here’s how your agency can qualify for ACA membership


We work with agencies that meet the high standards we require from our membership base, as per the following criteria.

  1. Your agency needs to have been in operation for at least
    two years.
  2. You must supply audited up-to-date financial statements.
  3. You must allow the ACA to visit your agency to assess
    your application.

On submission of your agency management credentials and financials, your application would then be referred to the ACA executive for review.

Please note we do charge a small due diligence fee.


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An ACA member should not compete by:

  • being disparaging about any other member’s work, either directly or by implication
  • circulating harmful rumours about them
  • seeking to obtain an account by offering employment to a staff member of the member holding that account
  • continuing to press a claim for business after being told that an advertiser already employs an agency with which they are satisfied.


An ACA member should also not act in a manner which:

  • is calculated or likely to be directly or indirectly detrimental or prejudicial to the interest of the Association or any member of the Association or the advertising industry or any segment thereof, or
  • which is calculated or likely to bring advertising or the advertising industry or the Association into disrepute.

Get advice

Use our advisory service


If you’re in any doubt that your creative might not be favourably received by the public or competitors, talk to us.

The ACA has set up an advisory service which will check that your creative conforms to the ARB Code. Our extensive experience in advertising law and related issues ensures that we can answer any queries or highlight potential problematic areas that
you may have before launching your campaign.

For peace-of-mind, get in touch.

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