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The AAA School of Advertising opened in 1989 in Cape Town and Johannesburg. In 1990 the School became an owned division of the Association for Communication and Advertising Ltd (ACA). All ACA member agencies are therefore stakeholders in the School.

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If you’re serious about a career in advertising, a degree or diploma from the AAA school will equip you with the best skills and qualifications.

All final year students at the AAA School embark on a 4 week internship with an advertising agency, a media agency, a design company or marketer, typically during November each year. Students are expected to apply their knowledge and skills acquired from their studies at AAA, under the guidance of a mentor.

Please contact our campus if you can take an intern:
Randburg: (011) 781 2772
Cape Town: (021) 422 1800


AAA School of Advertising

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