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The ACA Code of Conduct

The ACA is irrevocably committed to the transformation of the industry. Members are expected to adhere to the ACA Transformation Charter and to comply with the directives by the ACA to effect the principles and philosophy of the Charter.

The ACA supports freedom of commercial speech. The ACA supports and advertising for products and services that are legally sold, as long as such advertisements are legal, decent, honest, truthful and not harmful of misleading.

The ACA believes in healthy competition among its members, such as is appropriate to the free market economic system, but it seeks to ensure that competitive activity is at all times ethical.

An ACA member should not compete by: 

being disparaging about any other member's work, either directly or by implication.
circulating harmful rumours about them.
seeking to obtain an account by offering employment to a staff member of the member holding that account.
• continuing to press a claim for business after being told that an advertiser already employs an agency with which they are satisfied. 

An ACA member should also not act in a manner which:

• is calculated or likely to be directly or indirectly detrimental or prejudicial to the interest of the Association or any member of the Association or the advertising industry or any segment thereof, or
• which is calculated or likely to bring advertising or the advertising industry or the Association into disrepute.
• the ACA and its members accept that it is impossible to formulate precise rules to regulate a diverse and dynamic industry and therefore undertake to observe not only the letter but also the spirit of the General Principles and Code of Conduct.

We ask that transgressions of the letter and/or spirit of these principles and code by members of the ACA be reported and dealt with in terms of the ACA Memorandum and Articles.

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