Dear APEX Entrant

Thank you for entering the 2018 APEX awards. Please submit only the case study of your entry in PDF format and note that the file size must not exceed 5MB.

Before submitting your entry, please carefully read the entry rules below and ensure compliance thereto to prevent your entry from being disqualified:


  1. The deadlines for entry and entry fees are:

Early Bird entries submitted on or before: 12H00 on the 12th of March 2018
ACA Members’ Discounted Entry Fee: R3,500 excluding VAT
Non-Members Entry Fee: R4,999 excluding VAT

Deadline Extension entries submitted on or before: 12H00 on the 23rd of March 2018
ACA Members’ Discounted Entry Fee: R4,350 excluding VAT
Non-Members Entry Fee: R4,999 excluding VAT

Last Minute Entries – FINAL DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: 12H00 on the 10th of April 2018
ACA Members’ Discounted Entry Fee: R4,750 excluding VAT
Non-Members Entry Fee: R4,999 excluding VAT
  2. No entries will be accepted after 12H00 on the 10th of April 2018.
  3. All entries must be submitted in two ways:

(1) Via the ACA website:


(2) Via a CD/DVD or a Memory Stick or a Hard Drive containing a master copy of the entry and supporting documents detailed in point 6. Below, delivered to the ACA office in Johannesburg: AAA House, The Braes Office Park, 3 Eaton Avenue cnr William Nicol and Bryanston Drive, Bryanston
  4. The case study must not exceed 5,000 (five thousand) words excluding charts and tables. Please refer to the recommended case study template for the layout of the case study.
  5. Only the case study, in PDF format and a file size of no more than 5MB must be submitted via the ACA website.
  6. The following documents must be submitted in the correct format as detailed in the APEX Submission Guidelines via the master copy delivered to the ACA offices:
  • Case study in MS Word (.doc) format

  • Permission to Publish Form completed in full and signed off as required

  • Press release of no more than 750 words in MS Word (.doc) format for publishing, should the entry win an award

  • Caption/entry summary of no more than 250 words in MS Word (.doc) format, summarising the entire entry and its results

  • Proof of payment of the entry fee for each entry. Please note that payments can be made electronically or via direct deposit. Please see the Payment Instructions for details of the bank account into which entry fees must be paid.

The ACA regrets that there will be no refunds after the closing date or for disqualified entries.
  7. All queries must be submitted in writing via email to
  8. Entries may only be entered into one of the three APEX categories, i.e.:
  • Launch category
  • Change category
  • Sustain category
  9. Entries may be submitted by a team from the agency or by an individual however, the principal agency authors must be nominated for each entry, along with the marketer (client) with the main responsibility for the advertising. Acknowledgement of any significant contribution by people or organizations not part of the agency, such as specialists or consultants, must be included.
  10. Each entry must be made with the written permission of both the agency’s Chief Executive and Senior Client Executive responsible for the product or service on the accompanying authority form.
  11. APEX places an exceptionally high premium on effective strategic and creative campaigns that are developed locally however, entries from African networks are also encouraged. If international campaigns are entered, the judges will pay particular attention to how the campaign was adapted and implemented locally.
  12. Entries must be original, though parts of the material included may have been previously published.
  13. If previous APEX submissions are re-entered, the judges will be looking for additional, stronger argumentation and/or evidence of effectiveness to prove effectiveness.
  14. No award will be made if, in the opinion of the judges, the standard of entries was not sufficiently high.
  15. All campaigns entered must have been written and placed in the media within three years of the date of submission, even if the campaign commenced earlier.
  16. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Any agency and/or marketer represented on the judging panel may enter APEX however these individuals will not be allowed to participate in the adjudication of entries from their organisation.
  17. The ACA may publish winning entries in complete and/or summary form with due credit to the entrants. If an agency entering APEX does not have the copyright on all material/information used in the entry, the agency must obtain the necessary permission in order for the ACA to publish the material/information in complete or summary form, in physical and/or electronic format. Such permission must be granted to the ACA via the completed and signed Permission to Publish form attached to the Entry Form. Case studies submitted for APEX may be published subsequently by their authors with acknowledgement to the ACA and APEX.
  18. Judges are required to sign confidentiality agreements. Agencies are therefore not allowed to submit entries on condition that one or more judges are eliminated from judging the entry. Any entrants who are concerned about confidentiality may raise their concern(s) in writing via email to
  19. A presentation of selected entries may be requested by the ACA from the authors for use at an open seminar or workshop.
  20. In line with international best practice, advertisements and/or campaigns that have been ruled against by the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa or any Regulatory or Self-regulatory and/or similar local or international body will be automatically disqualified.
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