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The ACA has committed itself to improving and strengthening the advertising profession through counseling and shared experiences. The ACA works with national and provincial government to promote agency and industry transformation, and is committed to our communities and the development of new talent through our Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Our profession 

    Within the profession, the ACA is committed to:

  • Improving and strengthen the advertising agency business in South Africa by counseling members on operations and management and by providing the shared experience of many to each.
  • Representing and promote the interests of member advertising agencies as principals in business.
  • Encouraging the highest creative and business standards and service associated with a professional body.


Level Playing Field

    The ACA enforces self regulation, and is steadfast in its promise to:

  • Promote agency and professional transformation in order to remove barriers that may prevent access for disadvantaged groupings (see ACA Transformation Charter).
  • Discourage dishonest and undesirable practices in advertising and related fields of activity, and to promote self-regulation of advertising standards.
  • State commonly accepted practice in the profession, so that both advertisers and agents are aware of their respective rights and obligations.
  • Encourage fair remuneration for advertising agencies.
  • Be an advocate of advertising and freedom of commercial speech.


The Professional Body

    Representing companies within our profession to government, media and the public, the ACA vows to:

  • Work with national and provincial government in an open forum to help achieve desirable social and development goals.
  • Provide helpful information in Government policy and decision making in matters of mutual concern, and to resist unwise or unfair legislation and regulations.
  • Play a positive role in the reconstruction and development of South Africa, by assisting in the planning and carrying out of Government communication campaigns, providing education and training opportunities, etc.
  • Represent the agency point of view to advertisers, helping solve mutual problems, helping improve our members' value to them, helping resolve collectively those issues that individual agencies and clients cannot resolve independantly.
  • Represent the agency point of view to various other bodies involved in research, production etc., which are important to our profession.
  • Serve our members' needs for information, agency management counsel, professional development, legal guidelines etc. and to be alert to new needs as they arise.
  • Represent the agency point of view to media; providing constructive suggestions, solutions to problems, and technical help - while receiving and acting upon similar information from them.


Corporate Social Responsibility

    Committed to investing in our communities and the development of new talent, the ACA will:

  • To facilitate our members' involvement in free projects on behalf of worthwhile social and community causes such as health promotion, crime prevention etc.
  • To study the ways in which it contributes to the economy and society and to promote the results of these studies to all appropriate audiences.
  • To provide excellent, relevant and hands-on training programmes to people interested in working in the advertising profession and to existing agency personnel in South Africa and the African continent.
  • To adapt to new training needs as they arise.

Mission, Objectives and Social Responsibility

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